The joys of being a singer and being sick.

Right before a performance. 😛

(I play at the Casino Night Fundraiser for the Libery Theatre this coming Saturday.)

It’s not too bad since I like tea. I usually have a cup or two in the afternoons, so having some a few more times with honey and/or lemon in it is not too far of a stretch. And as old-school as it sounds, it is a tried and true remedy for an illness-afflicted voice. The important thing is to not strain yourself when you practice or perform with a sore throat (if you don’t have the luxury of taking a week off). Vocal cords are muscles, just like those in your leg or your arm. While they aren’t as fragile as some people think, you still need to take care of them.

I’ve been practicing a little this week to keep my chops up, and if I don’t manage to kick this bug by Saturday (and provided I’m not death warmed over), I can definitely say I’m walking on stage with my thermos of tea with honey instead of my obligatory water…


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