The industrial door of the science facility loomed pale and beige before us.  We’d come back to the place where it all began, hoping to find some clue to my dad’s location. Even though the hour was late, half the lights glowed through the wide windows, and I heard the faint hum of a floor waxer running.  The street lights shone through the diminishing branches in eerie patterns.  Collin pulled open the door, and I followed him in.  Far off inside the building, I heard a deep rumble as the air-conditioning turned on.

“Whatever you do, don’t believe anything Luce says.”

I nodded.

“He will try to make bargains with you; don’t take them.”

I nodded again.

“You trust me in this, right?” he asked.

“Even as much as I’m…freaked… by, oh, everything in these last few days, Dad trusted you with this, and therefore, I trust you, too.”

After a few minutes, the air-conditioner turned itself off, and the noiselessness became heavy in my ears.  I looked down at my hands, noting how my vision had sharpened in the dark.

“So,” I murmured, wanting to change the subject.  “Do we have any kind of a plan? Besides, you know, just wandering around in the dark looking for clues?”

“Not really.”  He glanced at me.  “They probably know we’re already here…”

* * *

(This piece is part of an ongoing serial story. You can catch up on the plot via the Serials page. If you liked this work, please consider purchasing one of my other stories, or some of my music for your collection. :)


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