A bulleted list, because I like bulleted lists. 🙂

  • Started moving the cows off the hill on Monday, and tweaked my foot on the way down (arch, not ankle like you’d expect from walking on a lumpy hillside). Now I’m gimping about with my two best friends (or so it seems): Ibuprofen and ace bandages. 😛
  • My brand-new capo arrived that night. LOVE! 🙂 No more wonky pitch problems with Sparrow!
  • Put my foot in my mouth on Tuesday and it did not taste good…
  • Remedied the situation on Wednesday. Much better.
  • Got another gig set up! Woohoo! Hopefully many more to come.
  • I think I finally have a title for that song I finished a week or so ago, thanks to the wonderful lady in my audience on the 15th, who participated in my informal audience poll on what I should call it. If you’re out there reading this, thank you! 🙂
  • Got some of my sewing projects done.
  • Busy watching the leaves change color as we get frost-tipped mornings and cool, cornflower blue skies over golden, harvested fields. I love Autumn. 🙂

More later, peeps.


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