He got to his feet quickly, held out his hand for mine.  I blinked up at him, squinting around the fluorescent light glare.

“Um, what about the cops?” I said.

“Forget the cops – you’re in trouble and they’re useless.”

I straightened against the wall, wondering if I could outrun him.

“Come, girl – there’s no time!”  He seized my hand and hauled me upright as if I weighed nothing.

“Let go of me!”  Planting my feet, I tugged against him, jerking to free my hand from his grip.

“Stop fighting me.”

“Let go!”

“I’m trying to help you.”

He drug me down the hall, my shoes scraping and sliding on the floor.  I gave another yank – to no avail – and reached for my gun.  I always carried it, especially at night.  It was my ‘security blanket.’  The miniscule pistol in .380 slid free from my jean pocket easily, feeling solid in my hand.  I clung to it.

“Let me go now,” I said, leveling the tiny pistol at his head.  “I will shoot you.”

He glanced at me, and laughed.

Gritting my teeth, I pulled the trigger.

The bullet exploded from the end of the barrel to sink with deadly accuracy into the back of his head.  The sound was deafening in the close hallway. The young man’s body jerked with the force of impact, rocking forward, then back.  Blood spattered onto my hands, my face.  It dribbled through his hair, stained the neckline of his shirt.  Any moment, he would crumple.  Sink in upon himself and slide to the floor.

Time froze as he straightened.  I stared in horror as he took a breath and faced me.  His left eyeball was a shredded husk of a globe, dark red and filmy.  Bone from the splintered socket shone bright white among the bloody matter.  A heavy, crimson clot of something slid down his cheek, leaving a thin red trail in its wake.

“What are you?” I whispered, recoiling.

* * *

(This piece is part of an ongoing serial story. You can catch up on the plot via the Serials page. If you liked this work, please consider purchasing one of my other stories, or some of my music for your collection. 🙂 )


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