I find myself in a strange predicament. I have chords and a melody, but absolutely no words. Well, that’s not entirely true… I *have* words — they just aren’t the right words…

I get the sense that this song is going to be a story about a person (or persons) on the run…

But so far, I just have a killer rhythm, ear-grabbing chord progression, and tension building melody. The words are still eluding me, though they insist on lingering just below the surface.

I’m trying not to stress think about it.

In other news, an old friend of the family stopped by today for a couple hours and we had a nice visit. I drug Sparrow (my guitar) out for an impromptu house concert before he left. It was fun, and I was very flattered that he bought a copy of “Fledgling.” đŸ™‚

Now, to get my creative juices flowing. (I think coffee will help!)


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