I think it’s time.

But I need your help.

I want to purchase my own custom domain through WordPress (my very own .com address! Or something similar!) but I’ve only come up with a couple of ideas. I’d like to ask if you all would like to think up some as well? Feel free to submit several in the comments. And if I pick one of yours? I’ll send you a free download code for my E.P. “Fledgling” to say thank you! 🙂

As for what I’m looking for:

I want something that signifies me: my songs, my stories. (Sadly, heatherstearns.com is taken already, and I also feel it’s a little bland by itself.) I want it to be fairly short, easy to remember, and not too far off from the eclectic singer/songwriter type of vibe…

A few ideas I’ve come up with already are:

  • contemporarybard
  • amodernbard
  • wordsandmusic
  • heatherthebard (my Twitter handle, but too many people are still listing me at events as “Heather the Bard” instead of “Heather Stearns,” so I’m a little leary of this one…)

I’d like to have ideas in within the next couple of weeks. 🙂

Have fun!


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