Well, I spend the weekend sick. Joyfulness. (Not.)

However, around here life doesn’t stop just because you’re under the weather. I managed to can 14 quarts and 6 pints of pears off our tree (I really should have gotten on it sooner, most of the pears were too far gone to be much use), and then Hubs and I went and got another load of wood for the winter. It’s a comforting feeling to see the winter woodpile grow and know that when the weather is inclement and the power goes out, we’ll still be warm.

In addition to the serial story, “Shatterproof,” that I’m polishing up for you all, I’ve been working on the lyrics for a couple of songs… I don’t know yet whether one or both of them will turn out; they’re still in the concept and early drafting phase, but I’m intrigued and we’ll see which one makes the cut.

Today I’m catching up on my house cleaning… One of my less favorite chores (though I do love the end result), but necessary. Canning turns your (or at least, my) kitchen into a disaster area….!

How are you all doing this week? Got any projects (fun or otherwise) you hope to work on?


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