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There are too many nay-sayers. Especially in the creative field, it’s all too easy for others to belittle your work and aspirations. Their reasons are many — It’s not a ‘proper’ job, chances of success are slim, you’ll starve because there’s no money or security in it… And some will even go so far as to criticize you out of your passion because it’s  “for your own good.”

Don’t listen.


Think if every artist, musician, or inventor allowed themselves to be talked down. No Galileo, no Da Vinci,  no Rembrant, no Van Gogh, no Mozart, or Bach… What a sad, bleak world, eh?

Even if you don’t succeed beyond your wildest dreams, with fame and fortune and a guitar-shaped swimming pool, you’ll still have done something worthwhile. As a creative soul, it’s so hard to keep going, sometimes. I have several moments when I’m driving down the road on my way somewhere and I think “what if my songs and stories really are crap and they mean nothing?” (and it scares the living shit out of me). We all have our fears…

But we very rarely know how our work affects others. Could be that piece of art you created gave someone a moment of peace that the really needed. Could be that person was right on the brink of giving it all up, and your single piece of artwork gave them a reason to keep going. Could be they heard your song or read your story or saw you dance right at the right moment, and they saw something in you that they really needed to see.

We never know.


2 thoughts on “Show them, show them all

  1. I could sit here for days and count things that I have done that others deemed impossible.
    It is your life – live it, enjoy it, share it. There is always at least one person who needs what you have.
    No matter how you look at it, whatever you do in this life makes a difference…even just living. Keep doing what you do for as long as your heart enjoys it and for as long as you feel like doing it.

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