It has been a long road, but ultimately, an enjoyable one. I’ve been fortunate to have the ability and the opportunity to try my hand at recording my own CD.

“Fledgling” releases this week, and I’m still (kind of) in a state of shock. All this time and effort, and it’s finally “finished”… It’s rather humbling. I started this project because I felt a need to (at the very least) preserve the songs I was writing. Then it morphed into a desire to learn how this entire recording process worked, and it has been quite a learning curve. 🙂 Recording is an amazing process. Over the next years, I look forward to learning more.

Should you decide to purchase a CD, it’s my hope that you’ll get as much enjoyment out of my lo-fi, homemade music as I did putting it together. It’s my desire to play the beauty in simplicity: no gimmicks, no tricks. There’s a reason people feel drawn to those back-porch summer jams and hootenanies — it’s raw and it’s honest, and those combine to make something touching and beautiful. I hope to do the same. 🙂

This week is going to be a wonderful rollercoaster: I’m going to be down at Walla Walla Village Winery’s open mic night this week on September 1st to start the celebration of “Fledgling’s” release, and then the next night I’m back at Dayton Wine Works — continuing the festivities. 🙂 I will have CD copies at both places. Feel free to say hello. 🙂


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