This was a first for me. Though I’ve had the privilege to see some wonderfully inspiring artwork before, I’ve never had one literally scream at me to write a song for it…

I finished this song last week while I was attending a library conference. It won’t be on this coming album, but quite possibly on a future EP. đŸ™‚

Oh thoughtful woman in the picture
On the wall there to stay
You’re looking at me with those big brown eyes
Like you’ve got something to say

But your lips are sealed
You’ll never tell
As if you’re waiting for me
To break your spell
You’re silent, you’ll never tell
And maybe, maybe it’s just as well

Oh pretty lady in the picture
Gentle Beauty dressed in blue
Are you thinking of love you’ve lost?
Or is he waiting somewhere for you?


Are you thinking about where you’re going?
About what the future has in store?
Or are you just lost in the moment,
No need for anything more?


You’re silent, you’ll never tell,
And maybe, maybe it’s just as well.


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