It’s finally here: summertime.

The hay is being swathed, and my evenings and weekends have been filled with hay-hauling, hay-moving, hay-stacking, and that wonderful smell of fresh-cut grass (only sweeter). I wake up in the morning and my shoulders and back and fingers ache from the labor-intensive job of moving little square bales of cow food for the winter. The bales from this first cutting (first cutting because winter hung on so long — normally we’d be on second or third cutting right now) are light enough I don’t mind the stacking, and at the end of the day I’m not so dog-tired that I can’t sleep.

I haven’t gotten a whole lot of music-making done, although I have been noodling with my own work. Husband said a lot of my music is more guitar-oriented (with the exception of “Wait for You” — that one’s an ukulele song through and through), and after taking a step back and listening, he’s very right. So this weekend, I purchased a small-scale acoustic guitar. The one I’d had since I was ten was WAY TOO BIG and rather uncomfortable to play, so that’s why I decided on a small-scale “travel” guitar. It’s supposed to arrive today and I’m excited. I also ordered a soundhole electric pickup for it — which I hope will fit! — so with any luck I can play it live.

Life is busy. Thunderstorms repeatedly rage and run across the foothills here and I can’t help but think I’m a little like them — so filled with movement and doing that am unable to sit still…


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