Part of what makes this job so much fun is the fact that almost every new show, or rehearsal, or other-music-related-thing, is an adventure of its own. In my years playing music, I’ve:

  • been stuck on a bus;
  • gotten lost with the rest of the band I was with;
  • had to scramble from one performance location all the way across campus to the other because the check-in peeps told our director wrong (and this was after we’d already set up);
  • been asked at the last minute to up the tempo of a song by 100% “for the dancers” even though we’d all been rehearsing it slower for weeks;
  • dealt with funky acoustics;
  • been told the waiting room was in the “dungeon” below the stage;
  • had to cover for fellow musicians who couldn’t make whatever function we were at;
  • arrived at a gig to find I wasn’t even on the schedule;
  • and so, soooo much more…

These sorts of things keep you on your toes. Yesterday’s audition was no exception.

It was a beautiful day, so I decided to take my motorcycle to the talent show audition. I packed up Nika (my ukulele), made sure I was wearing a nice shirt, and away I went! The ride down was lovely (aside from crazy drivers, but that comes with the territory), and when I arrived at the audition, they got me in right away. I performed well, answered questions, packed up my stuff, then went to head back home.

I’m not even 10 miles out of town when it starts to rain. (I should note here that my uke case is a semi-hard, nylon case — and not waterproof!) I pull over long enough to dig out my rain poncho and throw it on over top of the case. Suzi and I sped like a hungry fellbeast and angry nazgul to the next little town (about 6 miles away) to find shelter. Thankfully, their little grocery store had a nice covered awning with a bench, and I was able to pull underneath it to wait out the rain…

I waited for an hour before the rain finally let up enough I felt I could continue my journey. I watched the sun set and I watched cars pass by. I watched cats in the bushes on the side of the road. I watched little birdies.

It was a cold ride the rest of the way home. Nika survived, I survived, and I’ve got another experience to add to my collection. 😛


4 thoughts on “Musician Adventures

  1. I am glad your audition went well! And performing really does come with all sorts of experiences. I’m glad your uke didn’t get ruined in the rain, and you were able to find some shelter. And maybe it was nice to have a little break and just wait it out?

    I remember, during a performance, my character entered a moment before a very dramatic scene. I needed to take off my coat and hang it on the coat rack. In the midst of doing this and saying my line, the coat rack busted and all the coats scattered on the floor. In my head, I was like, “Crap…” Luckily, we improved it into the scene, which made it all the more dramatic.

    Improvise! XD

    1. Thank you! I’ll know by the end of the month if I’m in for the actual talent show or not. And boy, it sure does come with stories, lol. In some ways I think acting is harder because you have to maintain your character even when things go wrong like coat racks breaking (soo cool you were able to improv it into everything!)…

      I’m glad Nika isn’t any worse for the wear, too. I *almost* drug her out and played while I was waiting for the rain to stop, but I figured it would just make the traffic stare at me even more than they already were, lol.

  2. in every situation there is something great. You had an amazing opportunity to stop, think and feel. An hour of your life you just were….. listening to sounds of Nature.

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