Death is a fact of life. Everything dies, eventually.

On a farm, we are very close to the “circle of life.” Every spring, we see new calves born. In the fall we select the cows we want to keep. With every year we watch them mature, and if we’re all lucky, they live to a ripe old age.

Unfortunately, life is not Disney-esque. In terms of livestock there can be accidents, there are predators, and there can be disease. And sometimes, even despite your best efforts, things don’t go right. It’s an understood risk.

It doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

Today I had to bury a two week old baby that simply didn’t make it. Everything we’d done to try to help her out… an act in futility. It’s as if she never had any hope, didn’t care enough to hang on despite everything…

I know there’s supposed to be some grand plan, that this is all part of the Way, but sometimes? Life sucks.

And I’m out here digging graves in the dirt.


4 thoughts on “Digging graves

    1. Yeah, it sucks. And we lost our dog this week, too, which was really sucky because we’d had him since Hubby and I got married — we raised him and trained him and everything.

      But unfortunately, death is a part of life. We just have to deal.

  1. OMG! Henry or Ruger? What happened?
    Sorry about all the grave digging. Not fun. The only consolation is…the calf probably had something wrong and couldn’t have survived anyway. It’s always sad to see however.
    So sad about your dog. 😦

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