So that lovely, shiny, black ukulele I ordered two weeks ago?

I spent all last night having nightmares that it arrived broken and smashed.

Guess what?

It arrived broken. 😦 (Talk about premonitions, eh?) The preamp/eq unit panel was torn out of the side of it, leaving major crackage in the wood. While I was otherwise happy with the instrument (LOVE the tuners), and while it probably could have been fixed, that was just a no-go. Why should I pay almost $200 for an instrument that needs work?

Plainly speaking, I shouldn’t have to.

So, while it gets returned to the store, I went and ordered the natural finish version (shiny black == FINGERPRINTS!!! lol) of it from a different retailer I know and have had excellent service from.

Hopefully, this time? I’ll get something I can really use.


5 thoughts on “Disappointment

    1. Yeah, my heart just hit the floor when I opened the package and saw the damage.

      *sigh* Amazon wouldn’t replace it, so it’s being returned… I ordered the new one last night from Musicians’ Friend, paid a little extra for expedited shipping since I need it for my gig at the end of this month, so it should arrive next week.

      I’m crossing my fingers it’s in good shape, too!

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