The weather lately has been warm and wet. I am glad to see it change, even though the weather has still been inclement enough to keep me from riding my Suzuki motorcycle into work and back.

And, as it always seems to be with the onset of spring, life gets busy.

This week, I’ve been fretting about when my new ukulele and its case will ship occupying myself learning peppier, more raucous-and-foot-stomping type tunes to include at my next Ale House gig (scheduled for April 29th). I’ve also sent off my “Crown of Thorns” manuscript for editing — and it’s sounding like CoT will be released here in a few months! Exciting! 🙂 My latest release, “Middle of Nowhere” (with Echelon) will be featured with a guest blog post next week on the Explorations site, too! I’ve also been keeping myself crazy out of trouble with my music lessons (and I have to say, I’m impressed with every one of my students!), and I’ve been teaching classes at the day job. On the ranch we’ve had lots of little fuzzy calves adding themselves to our herd, and I’ve learned some more tractor skillz™ with the help of my Hubby. 🙂

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I found time to pick up a book and read (currently loving Maggie Stiefvater’s “Lament”), enjoy the warmer weather, and, in general, love life.

It’s days like these I truly enjoy being me. 🙂


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