Most of you know I played the theatre’s Casino Night Fundraiser on Saturday. And that — to put it nicely — the acoustics could have been better… which is musician-speak for when people come up to you and tell you they can’t hear you…

*face-palm, head-desk*

There is nothing more discouraging to a stage veteran than to hear those words. So, like the people-pleaser that I am, I dialed up my internet and began my quest for some method of amplifying my Ook at a price point friendly to my starving-creative-guru status.

After heap long time spent researching, I came up with nothing — except the knowledge that ukers are a DIY lot (which I’m totally down with), and have no compunctions about drilling a hole in their instrument to install their own internal pickups (which I’m not down with). As I found nothing else by Sunday afternoon, I had (reticently) decided to do it.

“Wait!!! NOOOO!!” was the cry from my musician friends. “Try a clip mic!!!”

A what? I wondered, and so off I went with my Mad Librarian Skillz™ to read all I could gather about this new and strange beast. Along the way, I stumbled across the lute community’s raves about clip-on miking methods — apparently it is completely taboo to consider electrifying your renaissance lute, so bad, in fact, that it’s almost like swearing in church(!). This guy even tells how to do it without modifying any part of the instrument (since lutes notoriously have specially carved/filigree soundholes that are fragile and tiny).

I’m game. One trip to the local electronics and audio recording shop and one matchstick later, I’m ready to test the Holy Grail of Amplified Lutenists everywhere…

…on my ukulele.

Stay tuned for part II!!! 🙂


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