My friend and fellow uke-player, Kira, asked me a few days ago about the rest of my ukulele-case button collection. 🙂 Here’s what I’ve got so far:

The “Express Yourself” button is from the library’s summer reading program three years ago. The theme was ‘the arts and humanities,’ and since I’m a young adult librarian, I got this nifty pin to help advertise our programs.

The American flags button was given to me at the local county fair two years ago by the wonderful gentlemen Veteran’s booth. I am a 2nd generation American, and I am both humbled and honored that there are fighting men and women who are willing to give up their lives so I can write the stories I want to write and sing the music I want to sing, and so I am free to protect myself and my family should I need to do so… I am proud to have the honor of calling myself American, and therefore, I put this pin at the very top of my case.

The second button, “Speak,” actually reads “Speak your mind,” and is another librarian button from ALA’s Banned Book Week, which encourages everyone to make up their own minds about literary materials (instead of forcing their views on others through censorship). I completely and fully believe that everyone — regardless of age, race, creed, etc — has the right to free access of information.

I’ve got another couple buttons on the way from CafePress — since I had such a landmark week last week (was it really only last week?) of landing five paying gigs, I decided to celebrate with some more bling for my uke case. 😛 And yes, I plan to blog about them when they arrive! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Button collection

  1. You know what I need to send to you if I find it? (You don’t need to put it on your uke case.) I have an Edgar Allan Poe zombie button, and I don’t use it any more, and I know you love him! I

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