I am sitting here listening to the ski traffic outside while cuddling my cup of Earl Grey tea. The snow is melting — hallelujah! — which means less worry about new calves getting frostbite, and less worry about flash floods in a few days if all the rain the weather man is predicting actually hits.

This morning I pulled Enna, my uke, from her case and practiced with the mic and amp for about an hour. Then I sat down and worked on the dreaded tax stuff for a while until now, when I’m taking a bit of a break to write this.

So far, I haven’t had any huge urges to write — it’s just been busy day after busy day, getting things ready for my music students and practicing for my upcoming gigs. Sometime this year, however, I want to polish that gargoyle story (aka. “Adrian and Grace”) that’s been floating between my ‘retired’ folder and my ‘active’ folder for the last five years (FIVE?? EEEKK!).

For now, though, it’s just a lazy little Sunday.


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