The Balrog a-snooze in her case after a lengthy practice & writing session

So, it’s the end of four days with The Balrog, and she’s really growing on me. I’m enjoying how responsive she is, how much fun she is when she gets all growly (I had no idea how much versatility an electric guitar HAS!), and, in general, how she’s challenging me to live by the “Play it like you stole it” frame of mind. (Can we say, “Irish pub songs on steroids”??) She doesn’t take to a weak player. You have to MEAN it.

I think I’ll become a better guitarist in the process.

Tonight, we sat down and wrote a song together. It was fun and theraputic, and just a nice thing to do on a Wednesday evening.

The further I get back into playing music, the more I’m reminded of how everything seems to happen in its own good time. I’ve said this before, but I NEVER would have thought to write music when I was younger. The idea was too completely… alien… to me. Songwriting was something big-wigs did. Not little old me. Likewise, I never, EVER would have considered writing short stories for publication, even when I was getting high marks of praise for creative writing projects in High School. The idea was out of my parlance.

The timing (obviously) wasn’t right.

Fast-forward through college, through life, through maturing into the individual I am today… and not only am I doing BOTH of those things, I’m enjoying them immensely, as if they were simply play.

It just goes to show you, that just like waiting until the exact right moment until you play that note, the things we do in life seem to wait for us to catch up to them. (So if you’re out there debating about doing something out-of-the-ordinary, don’t be shy! The time may well be exactly perfect for it!)

In other news… It’s been snowing here non-stop for the last three days. Brrr. I thought we were done with this snow stuff! Ah well. I suspect it’s Winter’s “last hurrah” before all the greenery sprouts like gangbusters. Good thing we worked our cows and gave them all their shots/vitamins when we did (it was sunny and not too cold). I do NOT want to be outside any more than necessary at the moment!


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