I have a lot on my plate. I always seem to do this — taking on projects until I barely have enough room to breathe. And then I like to wonder how it is that I maintain my sanity…

I heard about a totally rockin’ anthology a week or so ago from Drollerie, and I think I’ve got a nice little story that fits within it, so I’m going to polish it and sub it. 🙂 Should be exciting.

(In other story news, a little birdie told me that “Middle of Nowhere” is slated for release in March!!!)

And I’ve been recording in the evenings. I’m going to see if I can put out a CD/album/collection/whatever of my songs this year, if only to prove to myself that I can do it. I’m pretty sure I can. Even though that “Dummies” book on home recording was waaay too technical for my right-brained self, I picked up enough good info from it that my recording program makes more sense now.

Playing for a recording is quite the adventure, let me tell you. I’m rather pleased with the gear I splurged on on Monday (Thank YOU, RadioShack!) — it is not Top-of-the-Line stuff, but it’s significantly better than what I had before, and works for my purposes. But playing to a microphone is surprisingly different than playing to an audience. I consider myself more of a live performer, but it’s amazing how much of the actual performance a decent mic can pick up. Just imagining that I’m playing for a full house gives some amazing nuances I had no idea a piece of recording equipment could gather.

Pretty cool. And I’m pleased with this experience, because I’m finding that the more I play my own stuff, the more I get comfortable with the idea of playing them for others, and eventually, incorporating them into my gigs.

It’s nice to feel all this creative growth going on. Last year was so stagnant… Feels good to be moving forward again. 🙂


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