Home Recording For Musicians For DummiesHome Recording For Musicians For Dummies by Jeff Strong
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

While this book had an exceptional amount of excellent information on microphones, recording, and related topics, I found it too technical for the average musician, despite it being a "Dummies" book. The further you read, the more it becomes apparent that the author is a sound engineer, and is talking to engineer-minded/left-brain musicians, NOT right-brain/creative-minded souls. I found myself skipping major sections because I simply couldn’t comprehend the jargon. Which really is a pity, since it was obvious this guy KNEW his craft and had lots of gems of info to offer. There simply wasn’t enough time spent explaining the terms used, and oddly, there was NO glossary to be found. It was as if this author (whom, I must mention, is a good writer with a friendly manner) had a book twice this size, and the publisher told him to cut it in half…

If you’re more of an abstract thinker, I’m afraid you’ll benefit more from trial-and-error learning on your own, than from what little you’ll glean from the specialized pages of this book.

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