I think out of all the ones I’ve written so far, I am most satisfied with how these lyrics turned out. It’s like they were all there from the start… Minimal tweaking necessary! ~H.

I wasn’t looking for you that day in the store
You took me by surprise
When you called my name I couldn’t think or speak
Standing there staring in your  eyes.


Just like a bad penny
You  show up in my life
Right when I least expect it
You bring back all the strife.
I want to move on
What we had – now it’s gone
This is over and done
So why oh why
Oh why can’t you
Oh why can’t you let me move on?

Every time it’s “how are you?” as if
You expect me to fall at your feet
Well I’ve got some news for you my friend
Your charms no longer work upon me


I’m tired of all the lies, I’m tired of all the tears
I’m tired of all the times I cry
I’m tired of being lonely, I’m tired of all these fears
And baby, I’m sorry, but it’s been years


You’re a bad penny, darling
Stop showing up around here
We’re over now and I’m saying
No more wasting my years
Just let me move on,
It’s time to move on
Say goodbye now, we’re done
Because I’m moving on,
‘Cause I’m moving on,
It’s time for both of us to move on.


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