Coming soon from Echelon Press!

About the story:

Frank is stuck in the middle of nowhere. No cell reception, no people, no nothing.

What he doesn’t know, is there are things in the middle of nowhere. Sneaky things. Things that hide.

And some of them are hungry.

* * *

I am so excited for this spooky little story to see the light of day. 🙂 I don’t have a release yet, but I have some AWESOME cover art and a heads up I’ll be getting the final proofs tomorrow to look at, so I’m guessing it could be real quick.

“Nowhere” was a story I had the idea for a loooooong time ago while Husband and I were driving home in the dark on dark stretch of rural highway in the middle of nowhere. Frank’s predicament came about when I idly remarked that “if we got stuck somewhere out here, I don’t think anyone would find us,” to which, my husband agreed.

There are some places — still — that remain more wilderness than anything. But as remote and empty as they may seem to all of us, they really are quite full of all manner of creatures…

I’ll keep you all posted. 🙂


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