I have gotten tired of splitting my time between my author website and my music website, both because I feel scattered, and also because I feel neither is getting the attention they deserve. Not to mention, my creative projects for each are straddling the line — if I publish a flash fiction piece written in verse, do I post it on my writing page, or my music page? Same thing if I write a ballad with an unusual story — music site or writing site?

I’ve always been a firm holder of the belief that music and writing are simply two sides of the same coin. My first years as an English Lit major/Music minor reinforced the idea — good writing sounds like music to the ears and soul, while good music tells the listener a poignant story. Words and music — they are simply two ways of looking at the very same thing: the beauty of the human condition.

So, I’ve been working to combine both my passions onto one mega-website. I’m nearly there, but there’s still a ways to go. At this moment, the “Writing” page will take you to my bibliography of works written as Heather S. Ingemar, and the “Music” page will take you to a sample gallery of the music I play and lyrics I write. “About” gives you more information on me, both as a writer and as a musician.

It’s going to take a few more days to tidy up the mess (all my writing posts have been imported here, and the categories are a DISASTER), but for now, I think the most important stuff is where it needs to be. If you can’t find something, holler.

I look forward to showing you me, in my creative entirety.

2011: Bring. It. On.


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