So, I’m enjoying my Luna Ukulele so much that I sent them a picture of myself and Ook the other day for inclusion in their Luna Family Gallery. It’s one of my favorite pictures — I had my husband take it a few days after my lovely little uke arrived in the mail.

Today I get an email back from the founder of the Luna Guitar company, Yvonne de Villiers:

Hi Heather!!!

What a lovely picture! Thank you for sending it. And I’m so happy that the uke has added more colors of crayons to your box!

The “Luna Family” pictures and letters have been such an inspiration to me that I decided to feature the pics on our front and back cover of our 2011 catalogue. Your pic will be on the front =  )  They’re less than 1″x1″ but I love seeing them all.  The catalogue is at the printers but should be online around the 13th of Jan., so please check back.

Wishing you all good things for the new year!
Best, Yvonne

I’m… dumbfounded, to say the least. Me and my little uke are going to be on their catalog. And not just ON their catalog, on the FRONT of their catalog.



4 thoughts on “Featured at Luna

  1. Wow! How cool is that!!

    You’re a celeb now. Don’t let your head get too big.

    Love you and so happy your are enjoying your Uke so much.


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