Surprisingly, writing music isn’t that much different than writing a piece of prose. You go through your brainstorming phase, getting the creativity all out on the paper, and then you edit. You pare and trim and polish until you have something shiny enough you can work with it. And then, you repeat the process, fitting everything into its place, subtly tweaking parts of it until it all fits….

Not that much different from writing prose, fiction, or hell, even an essay.

Honestly, I’m rather surprised at how similar the process is. Part of me still thinks it all should be harder than nails, some alien and strange little struggle that lasts for weeks and months. (Like the partially written song I posted a couple days ago; the tune hasn’t really come to me yet, not like the song I finished last night.) I keep thinking it shouldn’t be this familiar…

Hours later, I’m still surprised I have a finished song (or at least, mostly finished… as I play it, I’m sure I’ll tweak and polish some more) sitting in my music folder.

It seems my little “experiment” is not so much of an experiment anymore…


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