A few days ago I recorded the song “The Parting Glass,” and it’s now up on the Music page for y’all to enjoy. 🙂

This one was particularly fun to record: I wanted to sing and play the uke as accompaniment, but I also thought it would be just beautiful to feature my tinwhistle a few places as well…

Ah! The wonders of modern recording software! 🙂 I record using a little program called Audacity, and it has the nifty capability to record multi-level tracks. First, I recorded myself singing with the uke. Then, I recorded the whistle solos. After that, I dubbed in the background whistle “fluff,” and finally, with a few clicks of a few more buttons, I cleaned it up and exported it as a complete .mp3 file.

Cool! 🙂

“The Parting Glass’ is a pretty beautiful and haunting song about a man who has had his last drink in his hometown pub and is leaving, but he’s not just leaving for the night, he’s moving away. The third verse details his feelings for a certain young lady, and the listener can’t help but speculate whether she refused him and that’s his reason for leaving, or if there’s something else going on…

Enjoy. 🙂


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