I just uploaded a sample of the song “Si Beag, Si More” to my Music page, so if all my ducks are in a row, you’ll be able to hear what my flute sounds like.

“Si Beag, Si More” is a traditional Irish slow air composed by the blind harper Turlough O’Carolan. You can read more about him here. “Si beag, si more” is Irish Gaelic for “big fairy, little fairy.”

Let me know if y’all have any problems.


4 thoughts on “Flute sample uploaded

  1. I’m quite fond of that song. 🙂 And oddly enough, my first introduction to it was via Russell Crowe of all people–he did a song called “Judas Cart” that adapted the tune. It turned out to be the first thing I ever learned to play on the mandolin.

      1. Right on! I worked on playing that today in fact, when our friend Glenn came over for chibi-Jam and session practice. I’ve got the sheet music AND chords for it, so I was able to practice both on the piccolo and on the guitar.

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