I sit in the corner, digging my irish music paraphernalia out of my bag, along with some new lyrics to try my voice at and some notes on other songs to play. The restaurant is about half-full; the jam session doesn’t really start until 7pm, and it is just after 6:30. My skin prickles — I am being watched like a hawk by the lady at the center table. After a while of fidgeting, she speaks:

Lady: What is that you’re playing? Last time you brought those out, my friends and I debated on it, but we’d like to know for sure.

Me: It’s an Irish Tinwhistle.

Lady: A what?

Me: A tinwhistle.

Lady: A… Sin whistle???

Me, fighting not to laugh: Um, no; a tinwhistle… Also called a pennywhistle, or an Irish whistle…

* * *

Never a dull moment…


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