Mckenzie & Erin did posts about the writings they’ve left unfinished, and I realized I hadn’t looked through my “trunked/retired” folder in a long while…

  • Dark Fall: the sequel to a story featuring angels, gargoyles and battles of good, evil, and art. Warning! Contains romance! I had finished the first novella, only to revise it umpteen times until there’s now three distinctly different versions lurking in my folder. Someday, I hope to integrate the basic storyline into my demonic series.
  • Resurrection: the final part of the angels, gargoyles, good, evil, and art set. I think I only managed one paragraph, and a whole bunch of notes.
  • Shadows on the Snow: a novella based off an obscure Celtic myth, that got boiled down into what became “The Lutenist.”
  • Dream Teller: an alternate ending to “Collecting Dreams.” *cue circus music*
  • Shatterproof: another story for my demonic series. I actually finished a draft for this one, but the storyline ended up being soooo cheesy, it got shelved.
  • Untitled, featuring Ariella Snork, goblin lass: the beginnings of a kid’s book about a curious goblin-gal, and the contents behind a door her nursemaid won’t let her near.

I’ve actually finished drafts of most everything in my “retired” folder, surprisingly. But here’s the ones from before, when I didn’t know how to write:

  • Beauty and the Beast retelling: I didn’t past where the family leaves their lavish home for more humble accommodations.
  • Against the Nine: a LOTR fanfic! It held my interest until I realized in order to remain true to the books, I had to go into the War in Middle Earth, and that didn’t interest me.
  • Shadows in the Mist: a paranormal mystery.
  • The Elven Lady: another LOTR fanfic. This time, set after the events of LOTR, and after all the elves supposedly left for the Grey Havens.
  • Esraen Cycle: I had planned to do a cycle of sword & sorcery stories called “The Esraen Cycle,” about a girl-mage in a world where women don’t. wield. magic. but who eventually saves the kingdom… yeah. There were several stories in this set: Rising of a King, Gord’s Discontent, MageSong, and a couple untitled ones.
  • Footsteps on the Road: looking back on this one, I’m not sure where it’s set, or what the plot is, only that the MCs name is the same as in the proposed Esraen Cycle, and again, there’s magic.
  • To Sing of Dragons: a tale involving music, a performance, and somehow, flying reptiles.
  • Thyme: featuring a watch repairman and his adopted daughter.
  • Medusa: an attempt at telling the tale from her point of view.
  • Fields of Gold: an attempt at contemporary, mainstream fiction. It sucked.
  • Liberty’s Children: another attempt at contemporary fiction, this time set just prior to WWI. Again, it sucked.
  • Of Our Time: a woman remembers a different life (she’s actually from the medieval ages), and struggles to make do in modern-day.
  • The Mystical Reality: yet another fanfic, only this was based off the ever-popular MYST computer games.

6 thoughts on “unfinished

  1. These all sound like so much fun!

    (And ohhh, boy, I had completely forgotten about that LotR fanfic I wrote back in the day . . . I wonder where it is now? XD)

    Any chance that “Fields of Gold” was named after the Sting song?

  2. You’re just brilliant. Not that I need to tell you that, but just in case – – you are! These all sound fabulous, Heather. And very ambitious, writing fan-fic for LoTR. There’s so much to keep track of, just reading those stories!

    1. You are so sweet! *hugs* 🙂

      There *is* a lot to keep track of in LotR. As I would sit down to work on my fanfic, I had my single-volume set of the trilogy at my left hand, with pages all dog-eared or post-it-noted, hehe. I was such a little nerd! 😀

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