I hate to say it… but it seems like I just might have to come to terms with the fact I may not get my goblin story sequel finished in time to make my “1 story per month” resolution. And maybe that’s okay? Life’s been crazy this month:

  • Taxes. Need I say more?
  • Celtic show. This Saturday I’ll be jamming on-stage with my flute for the local Celtic extravaganza, and as such, I’ve been having rehearsals a couple times a week.
  • Calving season. No calves yet, but still — the possibility is there!
  • Musical business. Had a gig this month and may have another if they liked my audition.
  • Travel prep. I’ve got a conference next month and will be making a trip to visit friends in the near future, too. Time and planning.
  • Miscellaneous early spring activities. Pruning the fruit trees. Cleaning. Farm chores. Etcetera.

I keep telling myself “this week I’ll get to it,” and somehow… I haven’t touched it since I initially went over it and highlighted all the things that need to be fixed. I think that was two and a half — almost three — weeks ago. I want to kick and scream and rail like a frustrated child, pout and seal myself and the work and my computer and a supply of pens and paper in a closet for a week until it’s finished, but there’s no way I could do it.


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