It has come to my attention that a bunch of book bloggers who are tired of the “whitewashing” of covers* have created the POC Reading Challenge, POC standing for “Person/People of Color.”

Deena over at Drollerie has joined, and thoughtfully posted a list of Drollerie books that are potentially appropriate for the challenge.

My Dream-drinker tales, “Collecting Dreams,” are among them. 🙂

Deena referenced the unusual cover art for “Collecting Dreams;” I agree: it is most definitely the right cover. That is Isabele.

Which is interesting, since I never envisioned her one way or the other. I write people. Not “white person” or “black person” or any other “____ person.” Just people. And yet, upon looking at the art, it was her, no way around it.

“Collecting Dreams” is 10% off in the Drollerie Store through the end of February if you mention the code CHALLENGE at checkout.


*Remember that huge to-do over Justine Larbalestier’s cover for “Liar”?


2 thoughts on “poc reading challenge

  1. I remember when I first saw your Collecting Dreams cover, I absolutely adored it! LOVED it! And I still do. It’s probably my favorite cover I’ve seen out of your collection of stories.

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