I had a nightmare last night.

It featured cupcakes.

Not just your regular cupcakes, but the ones made with the funfetti cake mix topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. One of the groups who use the library meeting room brought them, and left them there…

I couldn’t stop eating them.

And then, I got locked in the library with those evil cupcakes

It was bad.


6 thoughts on “scary

  1. Nightmare?! Sounds like a sweet, fun, yummy dream to me :P.

    Isn’t it weird, though, how things can scare us in dreams? I mean, some nightmares become absolutely ridiculous once we wake up and talk about them.

    1. I told Hubby-dear this morning and he laughed. And I laughed about it with my coworker this a.m. So, really; it *is* funny.

      I think it’s because I’m paranoid about getting fat (gained a little over Xmas — haven’t we all? — and have been doing stationary bike and other exercises to make my pants fit a little better again). I want to stay in good shape. I want to be a healthy individual.

      I bet it’s also because I’ve been trying to be Very Good and not eat so many Sweet Yummy Treats of Goodness. (My name is Heather, and I have no willpower…)

      I tell ya. The dream was terrifying. TERRIFYING!

  2. Oh nooo! I’ve had dreams kind of like that. Not fun. It’s always nice to wake up and realize that you haven’t actually scarfed down, like, an entire batch of tiramisu, though . . . ^_^

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