Once, there was this lady. A shop-keeper, a well-thought-of sort…

Upon our first meeting, she questioned my last name, and when I affirmed my marriage to a farmer/rancher, she sat back in her chair. Her frown deepened, and she became occupied with examining her nails.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“Oh? For… what?”

She fixed her gaze on me with laser intensity, and her voice dripped with acid bitterness. “Farmers treat women just like their equipment. They’ll use you and use you and use you, and then trade you in for a newer model, just like an old plow. You can’t trust farmers. Be prepared for a divorce, young lady.”

At this point I was pissed, but since I was on a business errand, I was forced to keep my composure.

I never forgot what she said. (And I doubt I’ll ever forget.)

The other day I saw her, and overheard a few of her words:

“Oh, I always knew I wanted to marry a farmer. It’s just such a wonderful life, and farmers are just the most wonderful type of people… “

No comment.


6 thoughts on “eat your words

  1. WHAT!

    Oh my gosh. That was incredibly rude of her! What an awful (and, from what I’ve seen, at least, totally unfounded) thing to say! =[

    (And would anyone like to add, “hypocrite”?!)

    That is upsetting. Jeez.

    *hugs* Wishing all good things your way. I hope her words don’t keep stinging too deeply. She’s obviously a completely nosy, biased, uninformed jerk.

  2. Seriously, I have so many thoguhts running through my head right now. I don’t think I would’ve kept my composure, even if i was on business errand. That is just rude. Seriously.

    * HUGS *

    PS Sending out cards. Sent one to Erin! Yay! If you want, email me your address, and I will mail you one, too!

    1. Yeah, really! I couldn’t believe she had the gall to say such a thing either.

      Let me add, this was three years ago. I was a (relatively) newlywed, and I’d only been working at said job (maybe) a few months. Her words galled me at the time, but now Hubby & I giggle about it. The day it happened, I came home and told him, and he was ready to go give her what-for. Hehe.

      Mostly, I just feel kind of sorry for her. I mean — what a sad existence it must be to have those kinds of hanging, downer, bitter feelings! Life’s really waaayyy too short to be such a rude witch.

      But I seriously wonder just *what* was going through her head for her to do such a 180-degree flip? Were her comments to me spawned from a really shitty day?? Or was she just wanting to ingratiate herself with the person most recently? Baffles me. I mean, I can understand changing your mind (everyone’s allowed to! 🙂 ), but I didn’t hear much in the way of sincerity in her most recent spiel. Totally odd.

      1. You’re right, life is too short to be witchy. 🙂 I agree.

        I wondder, too, what her deal was? Maybe she was dumped by a farmer? LoL

      2. Who knows.

        I can see how one could grow to be very disillusioned with “farm life”… while it is rewarding when things go right, or when you get to experience awesome gifts from Mother Nature, there’s no way around the fact it’s a hard, hard life. All too often things go wrong, and it can really wear on a person. I’ve met a lot of wives (myself included) who took on the lifestyle thinking it was one thing, and very shortly found out it was another. If you’ve got no background in it (I was lucky; a lot of my family used to farm, and I grew up on a horse ranch), it can be quite disappointing when reality comes calling.

        I wondered if she was one of those…?

  3. Very well could be! My Mama grew up on a farm, but I know little about it, except that it is hard work, and all of the farm people I’ve met in my life have been hard, honest working people.

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