Since everyone seems to be getting a kick out of all my bad teenage poetry (and I’ll admit it; I’m kinda getting a kick out of it too), here’s some more! [insert wicked laughter here] 😉

The Purple Moon

(I was challenged to write a limerick for class. I don’t do well with poetry forms, but this was one of the few times I managed to rhyme…)

There was a purple moon.
The monsters will come out so soon.
Large ones, small ones, ones with big feet,
Green ones, yellow ones, ones who like to eat.
And this all happened on a
Purple Moon.

Autumn Night

The deep, radiant sunset
Passed quickly.
Crimson leaves, dark horse,
Swiftly shadows fade into the mist.
Reality blurs,
Shadows dance,
Then disappear.
Lady Night
Is here.


Soft, white.
Drifting lazily down,
To rest upon the ground,
Turning it to a
Fresh, clean white.
Chilly breeze blows
‘Neath the lonely eaves.
A dozen chilly kisses
From the stately clouds
Drifting slowly down,
Floating lightly down,
Like a white feather,
To rest upon the ground,
The fresh, clean white,
Glowing all around.


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