The other day as I entered in my latest submission info into the “Story Records” MS Excel spreadsheet I’ve had since I began this journey, I came to the realization things were getting way too cluttered. Tracking response times and sales of works written a while ago, but still in the “currently subbed”  category has been like wading through the thick of the Amazonian jungle.

So today, I sat down and did some research on submissions tracking tools for writers. Being cheap, I decided to try Sonar3, a free utility from Spacejock Software. It got good reviews, and appears to be capable of doing everything I need it to do (searching, tracking, recording sales, etc), so we’ll see.

I’m currently waiting on the necessary Microsoft .NET framework installer to download on my prehistoric dial-up so Sonar will run and I can begin transferring the info from my old Excel file into the new format. (Why, Microsoft, must your files be so BIG???)

After I get it all up and running (and see if my ancient comp will handle it), I’ll post a review.


5 thoughts on “submissions tracking software

  1. Hey, sounds neat! (Being an office manager…it frightens me that I am giddy when I read things like this.) Hope you find it to your advantage!

    1. Hehe, you’re fine! 🙂 It does sound neat, and so far, it’s turning out to be pretty neat. Waaaay better than wading through hairy-looking Excel spreadsheets (some things, Excel was just not meant to do…).

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