Mmmm. Pie good. Goooood pie…

In honor of the holiday season (and the fact that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not holidays In My Opinion without homemade pie), here is my recipe for apple pie + crust, handed down from my grandmother to me, from her mom to her, and so on and so forth.



  • 3/4c shortening
  • 2c flour
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • 1tsp salt

Using a funky, D-shaped utensil with wires making a loop around the handle (I don’t know it’s name, but I suspect it’s antique since I haven’t seen any new ones around), “cut” the shortening into the flour, b. powder, and salt. When the shortening is in roughly 1/4 inch chunks, add some cold/cool water and continue mixing until soft dough is formed. Proceed to flour and roll out like regular pie dough.

Crust amounts will make two pies (I usually get one 9 inch and one bigger one), complete with tops.

Pie guts:

  • roughly six large apples, peeled, cored, and sliced. (Give or take — remember, this will make two pies)
  • One to two cups of sugar, to taste.
  • Cinnamon and nutmeg, to taste (I prefer more nutmeg in my apple pies than most people do)

Spoon apple/sugar/cinnamon/nutmeg mixture into pie shells, and cover with pie top. Using your finger, wet the bottom edge of the shell with water before sealing top down (either with fork, as I prefer, or thumb, knife handle, whatever). Puncture tops to let steam out.

Bake between 350 and 375 degrees for roughly one hour to one hour, fifteen minutes.


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