Heather Cycle

Snicker, snicker. Actually, the  bike is hotter than I am. Mom took this last month? Month before? when Hubby, his Cousin, and I took a little trip to show off my bike to my Mom. Naturally, it was the day it was just above freezing (definitely below with windchill). We stopped so many times to warm our hands on our engines/exhaust pipes, hehehe. We were soooooo COOOOOOOLD by the time we got home, but we had so much fun! 😀 (I never said I wasn’t crazy.)

Mom took this pic in the parking lot of the restaurant we ate at for lunch.


3 thoughts on “i told ya i was hot

  1. Sweet picture, Heather! You’re lucky you didn’t freeze to death, but who cares when you’re having fun, right? Sorry you had to put your bike away for the winter. 😦

  2. Hehe, well, we may not have been “frozen” per se, but we were pretty darn close, lol.

    Yeah, I’m kind of bummed about it too. But, it’s just not safe to ride on roads with frost on them on a vehicle that depends so heavily on good traction. That, and not knowing what the weather’s going to do…

    But! I keep reminding myself it’s only three and a half months now, and the holidays are going to go by really fast…

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