Why on earth does it take soooooo looooooong to adjust to time changes? I’m STILL waking up at 5am and petering out by 9:30pm!

On the bright side, I do believe I’m finished with the first section of “The Goblin Queen,” and am proceeding to write the next two parts of the tale (meaning, essentially, that I’m writing “GQ” like I wrote “Collecting Dreams”). I have high hopes.

And my cat is zonked out here on top of all my manuscript drafts littering the chair next to me. He makes the most contented little noises while he sleeps. 🙂 At least he hasn’t begun to snore… (though he has before)…

I wonder if he’s as taken out by the time change as I am?


2 thoughts on “time changes

  1. ^_^ It’s adorable when cats snore.

    Best of luck with the next parts of “The Goblin Queen”! And I hope you adjust to the time change soon. (I’m actually enjoying it — it’s lighter in the morning, and it’s a more reasonable hour when I go to bed. XD)

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