So, let’s see:

  • I blogged at Teen Seen today:
  • I put my motorcycle away for winter. I am soooo saaaaaad. 😦
  • I didn’t do anything at all for Halloween. (I’m so lame, I know!)
  • I did, however, buy a really cool skull & crossbones bandanna (black background, with the skull/crossbones in multi colors) for making a “hair net” for under my motorcycle helmet, and for keeping my hair off my neck while I’m working on the farm
  • Got a fun piece of flash fiction done about an incubus trying to not “fall off the bandwagon”… now I just need a title. 🙂
  • Still working on “The Goblin Queen”… *sigh* I feel a little like the story is suffering from having too many things going on, but… a read-through from my beta reader will tell.
  • I’m wishing it wasn’t taking so long to get “Goblin Queen” finished.
  • I’m beginning to get a little impatient.
  • Can you tell?
  • Are you sure?
  • Okay, back to writing now.

3 thoughts on “blogging at teen seen and other updates

  1. Sounds like you’re doing well, though, all in all – you’re going to be so pleased and proud of yourself once The Goblin Queen is finished!!! Just think about the end result and I know you’ll be pleased :).

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