Maybe there’s hope for me yet!

And: have you ever been made to feel guilty about your food purchase by the cashier ringing you up?

Also: since Mckenzie has thrown down the gauntlet about doing writing prompts, I’ve been thinking of doing some of the cool ones here at Lit Drift


3 thoughts on “cool article and other musings

  1. That was an interesting (and encouraging) article! Thanks for sharing!

    And Lit Drift looks like a really interesting site — thanks for sharing it, as well!

    I’ve felt silly once or twice when I was buying odd things at the grocery store; the only example that immediately comes to mind is when my friend and I bought bags of candy back in public school. But I don’t know that a cashier has ever deliberately tried to make me feel guilty about what I was buying . . .

  2. Looking back, I can laugh: what I had was one of those giant muffins (because silly me, I left the house without breakfast, and it was going to be a while until lunch), and the cashier-lady was (apparently) a massive calorie counter. I felt soooooo guilty!

    1. That’s not even fair! Cashiers should be nonjudgmental . . . How could she know — maybe you were going to share your muffin. Or what business is it of hers if you wanted to eat the whole thing? Or, like, three muffins? Sheesh. =[

      If it’s in the store, you should be allowed to buy it without being harassed by the cashiers!

      In any case . . . Happy Halloween!

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