It never ceases to amaze me, the evolutions a story will go through from the time you first conceive it to when it’s down, in its entirety, on paper.

I do believe I am on the last go-around (plot-wise) on “The Goblin Queen,” and the crazy thing is, I have seven different drafts of it sitting here in the chair beside me — and that doesn’t even count the two (or was it three?) drafts I had before I got caught up in my revisions for “Requiem.”


3 thoughts on “writing process

  1. It’s madness. Do you find that there’s a pattern in your revisions – for example, do certain scenes survive through all of the drafts, or is pretty much anything game for revision?

    I usually have qualms about the opening scene, and then there are a couple scenes throughout that need tweaking or re-writing, and I’m almost never happy with my original ending. But there have definitely been stories that I have completely rewritten bit by bit. For those ones, it’s kind of funny to look back through the process and see what (if anything) has stayed the same.

    Do you ever find that the characters’ personalities change substantially over the course of the revisions?

    Bon courage with “The Goblin Queen”!

  2. Hi Erin!

    On patterns in my revisions: It really depends on the story (this seems to be becoming my mantra). I’ve had stories that have ended up “finished” right off the bat; I’ve had stories that have undergone multiple revisions — so many so there isn’t much of the original idea left; and I’ve had everything in between. And lots of times, I find myself “cannibalizing” works that didn’t mesh to fuel parts of works that are cooking. 🙂

    On character personalities: Sometimes. 🙂 I’ve had good guys turn into bad guys, and wimps grow spines during subsequent revisions. How much they change depends on how well I’m “feeling” them during the initial drafting phase.

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