Please welcome fellow Drollerie Press author, Angela Korra’ti, for this month’s blog tour on Music:

If there’s anything aside from specific authors that can be said to have influenced my development as a writer, it’s music.

Music’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My father played the saxophone, and my older brother is a professional drummer who’s played for a variety of bands. I played flute for six years in school, and in my adulthood, inspired by my beloved Great Big Sea, I took up playing the guitar, the mandolin, and the bouzouki and got ridiculous amounts of delight out of suddenly being able to play chords and sing at the same time. There’s a lot of delight for me too in just having people over to my house every so often to hang out and play music, since as far as I’m concerned, not enough people do that in their lives.

When I got into online role-play, just about every single character I created and played was a musician of one degree or another. I’ve played flute players, a piper, lyre players, Crystal Singers, a lead singer of a band, and any number of characters who took joy in just singing their hearts out sometimes. And when I wasn’t playing characters of my own, I was always a sucker for books that featured music prominently, whether or not the music was used as magic. Think Terry Brooks’ The Wishsong of Shannara. Think the Harpers in the Pern novels, or the Bards in Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar novels, not to mention magically gifted musicians in other novels of hers. Think the Cantors and Cantrixes in Louise Marley’s Nevya novels.

But when it comes to novels with music in them that make my little heart sing, I have to go outside SF/F to Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey and Maturin novels. The core friendship of Aubrey and Maturin that carries that entire series is based on a mutual love of music, and to this day I still adore the scene in Master and Commander when Jack and Stephen break out their instruments for the first time and go at it.

Which is, I am unashamed to say, entirely why I have a scene in Faerie Blood where my heroine and hero do nothing but hang out a while together and play music. It’s not magical music. It’s not even particularly important to the plot. It is however deeply important to both of these characters. They play music for no other reason than the simple joy of playing music.

Other works of mine have wound up the same way. In fact, if I ever sell enough of my work to earn my own drinking game, “take a shot for every character who’s a musician” will be worth a shot. And Faerie Blood? It’ll earn you four.

Tell me about your favorite novels with music in them, folks! And meanwhile, go visit Elisa Diehl’s blog, where she’s hosting me talking about Faerie Blood‘s playlist. Or, visit me any time at!


5 thoughts on “drollerie press authors' tour on music with angela korra'ti

  1. *G*When I was younger in college, I did a brief stint at a Pern online RPG, wherein I made a deaf drummer – she wasn’t too well done, but I liked working on her creation! We always have some sort of music or tv going in the house (my latest favorite is the cable update where I can get music on television… better than radio because of the lack of commercials!)

    Thanks for this post, Heather.

    1. Woo! Pern RPG players FTW! I’ve done both online and offline Pern, and I’ve had musically inclined characters in both groups. I had me a flute-playing bronzerider on PernMUSH, and offline, I had me a former Harper who turned greenrider, and yet maintained a hell of an ability to play a gitar!

  2. I love RPGs! I used to do them all the time as a teenager. Many of my characters were inspired to act because of music- anything I was listening to was fair game. Ha ha. So the characters were very mercurial. 🙂 And a drinking game for books! Love the idea. 😉

    1. Hee, I can totally think of other items on the “How to Tell You’re Reading a Book by Me” drinking game, too. “There’s at least one character who’s a musician” is only the tip of the iceberg! ;>

      And oh my I was wacky with the MUSHing for thirteen years straight. I still have an archive of my roleplay logs on my personal site!

  3. Hee… drinking game for books huh? We have a drinking game in our house that varies depending on what show we’re watching — it’s something like “every time he says it’s not lupus” for “House”, and “every time shortstop makes a mistake” when we’re watching the Red Sox… (though my personal favorite remains when my dear fiance puts on his Jacques Cousteau voice and starts going on about “ze rarely seen Fielding JD Drew…” Though since neither of us drink alcohol it’s generally some variant of energy drink or lemonade…

    Yeah, RPG has kind of flitted in and out and in within my lifetime. Currently I’m on DNDOG doing it for the first time in several years, and Spore (where I found the weirdest experience yet: when I got to the Creature stage, I found the planet to be almost totally populated by creatures he and I had made up some time ago in the game, and then when I got to Space after only a few hours in Civilization, I found the part of the galaxy where my creatures came from almost wholly populated by the same thing! And I swear, I didn’t do that on purpose…)

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