I have two bits of news:

“Requiem,” my teen novella, has been slated for an October 1st release!

Hattie Locke has a gift: when she sings, the dead dig themselves from their graves to listen. As a death-siren, her life has always been this way.

Then the dead begin to show up in numbers far beyond expected. With each song she sings, they grow pushy and demanding, rushing the stage to reach her. Trapped in a place where her dreams of music become her nightmares, Hattie is left with nowhere to turn.

But then she meets a boy, who promises freedom from her curse.

Now Hattie wonders: is ridding herself of her voice worth losing the music she’s lived to create?

And my second bit of news: The Drollerie Press Authors’ blog tour is kicking off this weekend with posts themed around music. I’ll be hosted on Jessica Howe’s website, and I’ll be hosting my friend Angela Korra’ti, aka. Anna the Piper. I’ll be posting links as they become available.

So stay tuned for some fun stuff this weekend! 🙂


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