Wow, what a whirlwind trip!

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a lot more tourist-y than anticipated. It’s like Vegas, only with pancake houses instead of strip joints. I took so many pictures of the attractions like the Hollywood Wax Museum, Ripley’s, Illusions shows, “olde tyme” portrait studios, mini golf, and so much more. It was actually more fun to just wander and take pictures of the attractions than to actually pay for them.

I also bought so much stuff. Gifts for Hubby, Mom, my Step-Dad and Gma & Gpa.

My group got to go hiking in the Smokies, which was awesome. 🙂 We even saw a restored historic cabin and some other really neat things.

I wished the hotel had been a little better (they make you pay for WiFi when you’re paying to stay there???), but the view was gorgeous! I have never seen an all-deciduous tree forest before, and let me say, it was just a little odd. Beautiful, but odd. I can only imagine the outstanding sight it must be in fall when the leaves change.

And the people! After flying through several large-city airports, and meeting many different people, let me just say that I love the people of Tennessee. They have the same ideas about hospitality, friendliness, and life that we do here out west. They aren’t afraid to smile at you if you smile at them, they aren’t cold, they are so incredibly nice… After noting the reception from people in the different areas, I am very impressed by you guys. Thanks for making my stay a wonderful one.

My only regret is that I didn’t have one more day to just explore the wonders of that part of the United States.

And now, off to clean up my email inbox. Off to get the last remaining edits done on “Requiem” for it’s upcoming publication in October. Off to do the dishes, laundry, and general house-stuff.

Off to see if I can stop feeling the pitch and roll of the aircraft every time I sit down…


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