It has been so fricken hot these last couple days, it’s not even funny.

Wake up early, get stuff done as fast as possible in the morning before it gets too hot, then try to sleep (so long as Jackson the cat doesn’t wake you up — today, it was every five minutes, and the little bugger was purring so loud it was hard to be angry), and go do more stuff after it cools off in the evening…

Only today, it didn’t cool off. It’s after 11p.m. here, and I’m still roasting.


And it’s even worse — I didn’t get any editing done today. *hides face*


2 thoughts on “i'm melting

  1. Uggh, I hate when it doesn’t even cool down at night for sleeping >=S

    Hopefully the weather is more agreeable today!

    PS, I like this layout, too =] Nice tie-in to your story collection/novella!

  2. Thank you, thank you. 🙂 I’m still not sure I like the basic theme (love my header image!), but not sure what other options I have with top-level navigation… Ah well! It works for now. 🙂

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