Deena from Drollerie Press just posted some very interesting notes about cover design, and the issue of race on her blog.  She specifically mentions some fascinating information regarding the process of designing the “Collecting Dreams” cover.


2 thoughts on “cover notes

  1. Interesting article!

    There has been some similar (to the “Still Life with Devils” cover) controversy lately over the US cover of Justine Larbalestier’s Liar, which has a white girl on the cover when the protagonist is black (depressing facet of the politics of publishing!).

    I had read an article or two on that book before I saw the cover for “Collecting Dreams,” and I have to say, I immediately thought, “Yes! See! It *can* be done! It *is* being done.” It’s a gorgeous cover.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been following the discussion on Larbalestier’s “Liar”… While I do think the publisher had the potential to be right in that the MC *could* have lied about her physical aspects, when Justine stated the MC did not lie about that, I think they should have reconsidered their art choice. (As a reader, I *hate* it when cover art does not match the book. It’s like “didn’t the art department even read this??”)

    As I mentioned in Deena’s post, I never set out to write a character based on “race.” I don’t think physical attributes should be important in fiction unless they have a direct bearing on the plot. I always strive to write “people.” Who cares what skin color they have?

    When I set out to write Isabele, I never ruled out the fact that she might be a person of color. It just wasn’t important to me — she’s a resourceful girl, spunky and level-headed and serious, and has to grow up really fast when faced with scary events. That’s who she is.

    Deena did a lovely job on the cover, and now, I don’t think I could think of her any other way. 🙂

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