I’m beginning to notice the light shift toward Fall, beginning to notice it’s warmer, more orange tint instead of the clear bright of earlier seasons.

And my first thought?

I can’t wait for Halloween, wonder what I could do this year…

I’m almost as bad as the freaks who put out the Christmas supplies before Thanksgiving….


5 thoughts on “such a weirdo

  1. Halloween is my favorite! My favorite is when I got a costume to go with the mask I bought while in Venice. It’s just so fun!

  2. I adore autumn. And Halloween! I’ve missed dressing up these past couple years . . . (I tried valiantly into university to wear a costume on Halloween day, but lately, well, between one thing and another . . . *sigh*)

  3. Erin: Yeah, I like to dress up every year that I can, but sometimes… it just doesn’t happen. Maybe this year? 🙂

    Dominik: Lol, yeah, it is still summer. Nowhere close to Autumn, lol.

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