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There are eyes in the darkness.

Late one night, Isabele’s reality takes a wild and supernatural turn into the shadows and shimmering light of stolen dreams.

Once lost, they aren’t easily reclaimed. And she’s been touched by the monster….

From the beginning with ‘Dream-Drinker’ (appeared in “StereoOpticon,” April 2009, from Drollerie Press), Isabele finds her way through two other tales.  But what’s learned cannot be unlearned.  What’s done cannot be undone.  At the end of it all, Isabele may or may not be the same.

Novella; short story collection.

Kettlestitch: Drollerie Press, July 2009.

The Excerpt:

Shadows stretched long over the ground, unwound caricatures of the leafless, sweeping branches above.  All the leaves lay thick on the mossy ground, silent and still in the late autumn weather.  Tender rays of blue-grey moonlight lined dark trunks, traced the edges of the ancient forest.

The dream-drinker peered out from the inky-dark center of a hollowed out tree, scanning the wood for signs of movement.  It had no desire to be seen, to be found.  Not tonight.  The moon hung pregnant and full in the sky; a perfect night for feeding.  And it was hungry.  Caution held the creature still, however.  Moments ticked by one-by-one as it observed the quiet wood.  The dream-drinker leaned out of its hole.

A twig snapped on the ground.

As if zapped by fear, the drinker darted back into the sanctity of its’ hollowed out tree.  Its’ heart thudded hard against the walls of its tiny chest.  Leaning out from its hole, it glared out into the wood.

A slender doe stole between the trunks.  She paused, aware of her observation, then strode on, unconcerned.  The drinker had lived there for far too long.  She slid between the black trees, disappearing.  The dream-drinker leaned further out from its hole, then slipped into the night.



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