Well, my ‘storytelling’ workshop for the pre-k through 6th grade kids went well yesterday.

It went very, very well, considering I didn’t really have a plan…. 😀

I’m not used to working with children so young, and I don’t know how to relate to them, I think is the problem.  I mean, how far do you scale things back for them?  If you do it too much, they’ll be bored, but if you don’t do it enough, you’ll lose them.

But, they had fun. 🙂  I read a story called “Library Mouse,” about a mouse who lives in a library and decides to write some books of his own, and then they got to write and illustrate their own book.

And yesterday, I got a significant portion of “Crown of Thorns” revised.  Actually revised!!! 🙂  It felt good to be writing again.

One of my beta readers mentioned that I tend to “attack plots straight-on,” compared to novelists, who “go about it in a round-about way.”  And that’s probably why my ‘novels’ turn into ‘novellas.’  Is this a good thing?  I talked with him about it, and I understand what the difference is — as I write my novellas, I’m cutting out all the minutae of daily life in favor of plot advancement.  So I know what to change if I feel I need to change it.

The question is, do I really?


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